4 thoughts on “Preview of the New Thulani Program Video

    1. Hi Bob, Thanks for your comment.

      I really want more information about your work. The video is impressive. I’m sure many, especially Baby Boomers, would love to jump on your mission and spread it.

      My uncle and aunt adopted a dog with heart-worms. Predicted to only live a year or less, that dog has now outlived my dear aunt. I wrote a blog post about Jake. Please send links to your site or sites. Thanks.


      1. H Deborah,
        Thanks for your interest in the Thulani Program. We feel it is filling a very large need, and as far as we can tell, very few organizations are providing the kind of service we provide. It is my passion and I would love to have as many people as possible at least be aware of what we are doing, perhaps join us, support us, and/or imitate us.

        The Thulani website can be found at http://www.thulanidogs.org

        It contains a fairly complete story of the program, its origins, goals, accomplishments, and hopes. It also contains a story about each one of the dogs we have helped.

        We are very fortunate to have an extremely supportive parent organization–German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California (www.GSRNC.org) that provides us with all the background and infrastructure support so that we can focus our efforts and resources directly on these most vulnerable dogs.

        If you get a chance, please go to the Thulani website and stroll around in it. I hope you will find it enjoyable and educational, and any comments would be much appreciated. And please continue to send me your dogleadermysteries posts. I get a lot out of them.

        Bob Jachens
        Coordinator, The Thulani Program


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