What do you want more of in 2013?

By Deborah Taylor-French

Dear Dog Lovers and Readers,

Please vote.

I am planning my blog topics and top themes. Dog Leader Mysteries will be moving to my new Website (when I finish). I plan to publish my first gift book of dog humor and one for families thinking of adopting their first dog. Once I move, I can add a donate button for my favorite “Doing Good for Animals” The Animal Rescue Site.

My heart fills with happiness and gratitude, helped by our new rescue rabbit, Tokyo Tuxedo. Hope to show him in action. Yes, rabbits do more than hop. Our rabbit leaps, thumps, stands, begs for treats and uses us for tunnels and pillows. Thanks to Rohnert Park Animal Shelter critters for adoption and their fabulous bunny cuddler volunteers.

Hey, how long do we have to sit?
Hey, sister. Do not let that rabbit bite me.

I searched for a new rescue rabbit for nearly half a year. Then one Sunday afternoon, Tuxedo sniffed me from his pen in Rohnert Park shelter. Four other rabbits I had visited were NOT interested in me, sniff. I know, it’s hard not to be picked by a bunny. So we were bunny less.

Good news, Tuxedo loves being petted. He gets so excited begging, he falls over stretching for fresh carrot greens. What a fun bunny, he is 100% curious.

I am curious. What do you want to see and read more of?

Many of you love my Photo Friday. So that stays.

I am setting up a poll and will keep it open for one month.

Doggie kisses and bunny sniffs,


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