Good News: College Students Volunteer Building Animal Shelters

For my readers who have not read about or viewed the Dog Files work for pet and animal welfare, please read and share this fun and newsworthy video. College students giving a week of their vacations to making shelter pets more comfortable, handsome and adoptable. Funds from Petfinder Foundation helped them do more for animals.

Thanks for watching. But most of all, thanks for sharing this GOOD NEWS Dog Files video. Animal shelters need help from all animal lovers from families, business owners, college, high school students and families with young children. Donations of time and money are always welcome to animal welfare agencies and volunteer groups.

Think of buying a toy or donating items for a local animal shelter.

Your dog or cat or rabbit could leave a paw-print on your donation card.

I think our dog Sydney, and Tokyo Tuxedo will be happy to autograph a card with paw-prints. We adopted our rabbit, Tokyo Tuxedo from Rohnert Park Animal Shelter and they have a wish list.

Adopted Dogs Give Back
Adopted Dogs Give Back

What is your pet GIVING for the holidays?

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