Bunny Day: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

Hey, watch what you’re doing with my paws!

Tux Nail Trim

Our new rescue rabbit, Tokyo Tuxedo, makes himself very small as he gets his nails trimmed on Bunny Day at Rohnert Park Animal Shelter.

Not all animal shelters care for rabbits. They require gentle and consistant care. The House Rabbit Society offers excellent information on how to keep a rescued rabbit healthy and happy.

Did you know bunnies love to play with toys? Some snuggle on a sofa or chair with their families, pretending to watch TV. Others love to race and leap. Tuxedo loves to sniff, stand up and look around, and use us as his bunny playground.

Wishing you a hopping weekend,

Black  White Tux


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