This dog and blog grabbed my heart. Not only personal and sweet dog photographs, you will find “theo’s quick tips” and other solid sensible advice for dog lovers, plus I think it will make you smile.

theo's world

Theo’s separation anxiety has yet to wane.  I’ve tried all of the vet and friend recommended “OTC” steps, but nothing seems to change. I started with Cesar’s tips, which were similar to other specialists’ tips across the board; his tips (below) typically cured, or at the very least eased, most cases of standard separation anxiety:

1. Before you leave the house, take your dog for a walk

Start your day by taking your dog for a brisk walk. To make the walk even more rigorous, use a dog backpack with extra weight in it. Then reward your dog’s calm-submissive energy with food and water. Some dogs may need to rest before eating, but all dogs can benefit from hydration. The idea is to leave your dog in quiet, resting mode while you are away.

2. No touch, no talk, no eye contact.

Don’t make a big deal when you…

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    1. Oh, Annie. How lovely to hear from you. I have more ideas about how to calm anxious dogs (works with people too, no meds needed). I think I will need to write the post first. May I send it to you for questions and suggestions?

      May all beings be happy!


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