Pawsitive Dog Training in 30 days?

Positive Dog Training?

Yes, so learn to train your pup or mutt in 30-days. Good clear activities to review with your family dog too. Winter gives keeps us indoors, bores dogs to tears. Keep your dog on his or her toes by trying a few of these training tips.

Don’t let your puppy be destructive. Help your pup know what you want him or her to do, and when to do it.

Training your dog with only positive methods makes for a strong bond.

Pawsitive Dawgs Blog!

Today’s Exercises: socialisation, bite inhibition, crate training, handling, name recognition, collar manners, resource guarding prevention and a new one, hand targeting

Training Locations: mainly indoors today but remember you need to carry your puppy to safe locations for continued socialisation exercises

Tools required: puppy’s crate and bed, stuffed chew toys, puppy’s kibble ideally in a Training Mix, puppy’s’ collar

Today’s Top Puppy Training Tip: Puppies are destruction specialists so we need to get puppy hooked on chewing his own toys. By supervising him closely and confining him with chewables in his crate he will slowly lose interest in destroying non-doggy things.
Every time he does get hold of something you should quickly entice him away with one of his own favourite chew toys.
Don’t give out to puppy or attempt to ‘correct’ him – you should have been supervising a little better!

By now you get that there…

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