Dog Leader Mysteries

  • Do you like to take your dog with you? I hope you do.
  • Do you snap your pet into a seatbelt?
  • You wouldn’t drive without your seatbelt, would you?
  • Parents and grandparents buckle up children for every ride.

So why don’t people buckle up their pets?

  • Do they know they can?
  • Do they know the dangers to dogs riding without seatbelts?
  • Do they ever think their dog might die from a trip to the market?

Studies of drivers who take pets along show very few protect their pet with a safety device. Nearly 9 out of 10 drivers don’t buckle up their pets by AAA Arizona Special to AFN, July 25, 2011

White  Black Dogs in a car

Everybody Should Buckle Up

  1. Everyday pets fall or jump from car windows.
  2. Pets distract drivers from watching traffic, causing crashes.
  3. Pets slide under drivers’ feet preventing braking and stopping.
  4. In a crash, a dog becomes a rocketing danger…

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