Don’t Let Your Dog Fly out of a car: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Flying dogs? No, I am not talking of soaring canines, racing off diving platforms after tossed toys. I love watching dogs in action. Mutts racing and jumping for fly balls and agility competing hounds that run through tunnels and climb steep ramps.

This week I reblogged on seat belts for dogs because I want to make our world safer for drivers, car passengers, and dogs in cars. And if your dog loves sticking his head out a window while he rides, it is far safer to strap him in then open a window just a few inches.

Keep your dog safe by buckling  him up-every time.

Each year thousands of Americans die in car crashes. Half of them did not have to die. Three-seconds would have saved their lives.

They just needed to fasten their seat belts.

So simple to do. Snap on a seat belt.

Seat belts can save your dog’s life too. They are easy to locate and buy on the Internet, at feed stores, and at pet shops. When I bought Sydney’s, I  purchased one with a money back guarantee so we could see if it fix and worked right.

In this photograph see his black seat belt also functions as a harness (in case I forget to pack one).

Please share. Help Sydney and me save dogs’ lives. Thanks!

Sid on leash

Go fetch Buckle Up Fido, Snoopy and Spot 

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Dog Fly out of a car: Photo Friday

  1. I put a tether and harness on my wheaten terrier when we are sailing in the open ocean or the weather is rough. This keeps him safe in my cockpit. It’s not as fast moving as a car, but still important to keep my pup from going overboard.


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