Bad for You and Bad for Dogs: Buying Puppies Online

By Deborah Taylor-French at

True story, a man and wife bought a $900 cockapoo puppy (Cocker Spaniel & poodle). The first week their puppy arrived their three-year-old son broke out in an allergic reaction. How sad for everybody, especially that puppy.

Now the couple wants to sell their $900 puppy. Their ad stated they paid an additional $300 for veterinary bills, but only want the amount they paid for the pup.

They tell their story listing their puppy on a Website, which rated their price at $300 higher than average for this breed of dog. They do not state where they bought the puppy or who the breeder was. I read their for sale ad on a Website while looking at kibble nutrition comparisons.

On the Website’s top menu, “Dogs For Sale” stands next to “Pet Insurance.”

Believe me, if you buy a puppy or dog using the Internet,

you will need pet insurance.

“Why?” You ask. “Why will I need pet insurance?

  1. Puppies sold on the Internet have been found to have serious genetic problems, more than typical for their breed.
  2. Due to inbreeding these puppies  many  fail to develop good bone structure.
  3. Shipping is stressful, even healthy puppies die soon after being shipped.
Our adopted cockapoo giving his life-feels-so-good-I-am-taking-a-nap look.
Our adopted cockapoo giving his life-feels-so-good-I-am-taking-a-nap look.

 Why Thousands of Purebred Puppies Are Doomed to Die

Over four million or more pets end up euthanized in animal shelters every year in the United States. Legally dogs are property. Yet they are animals that suffer fear, pain and confusion. Puppy mills add to the millions of dogs abandoned in animal shelters. Online sales pay breeders for caging, and keeping breeder dogs and their puppies in inhuman conditions. This is no secret.

What Could Be More Important Than a Healthy Dog?

Purebred dogs often come with well-known health problems. Pick any breed then read its list of genetic weaknesses. At a glance, you will see a list of typical health problems like heart, liver, kidney failure plus tendencies like going blind.

When you read on the Internet, “Puppies for Sale” run!

If you are sure you want a purebred dog go visit your local rescue groups. They have plenty of great dogs. Local breed groups and clubs also advocate for the health and humane care of their favorite breeds. They are easy to find on the Internet. Go visit them. Visit their dogs. Ask to hear what health issues their dogs have. What could be More Important than a Healthy Dog? On the Web site where I read the family’s story I found this offer,

“With 126 Cockapoo dogs for sale, we can help find the best one for you. When you’ve made the decision to buy a dog, many considerations play a role in determining just which dog is the one for you.”

“The first consideration should be the dog breed or dog breed category.”


“The first should be the dog breed…” when you want a pet dog?

I think you the potential dog parent will be much happier when you know what activities and times you want to share with a dog. Then go look at the type of dogs that love to do the sports and activities you like to do.

  • Dogs should not be created only for their beauty or their cute faces.
  • Dogs should be enjoyed for their willingness to live with us and love us.
  • Dogs should be brought into families for the purpose of living happy, healthy lives.

Buying puppies online is bad for dogs and bad for you. Online buying keeps puppy mills mistreating dogs. Puppy Mills keep puppies and dogs in little crates with no exercise or socialization.

Do not shop, adopt.

Cocapoo dogs love to be active and learn agility games and cues.
Cockapoo dogs love to be active and learn agility games and cues.

A Feel Good Pet Adoption Story

Our dog is a rescued cockapoo. He had two buyers before we adopted him at our local animal shelter. We adore him. He trained up after a year of living with two different families, who failed to house train him or stop him from biting Vets and groomers. He is nine-years-old and healthy. We feel lucky to have found a young and affectionate dog.

A few months before I found our Sydney, I missed the chance to have my pick of a litter. A pregnant cockapoo ended up abandoned at nearby shelter. The dog gave birth to 13 puppies! Over the next few months, they found homes for every one of those puppies then the mother, too, got adopted. I will bet that the shelter got to know the adopting families before letting those puppies go.

I am sure the adoption fee was nothing near $900.

Go to and fetch  yourself a wonderful puppy or dog.

2 thoughts on “Bad for You and Bad for Dogs: Buying Puppies Online

  1. Very true. I think its a shame people pay for designer dogs or specific breed. The same goes for cats. An adopted animal will cost less, I got three of my cats from the humane society. They had their shots, had gotten socialized, and were neutered/spayed. I got their records and even got to see the foster home of the two boys. My favorite breed is rescued.


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