K-9 Team: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French Dog Leader Mysteries

Took these photographs a few months back at Rohnert Park Animal Shelter fund-raiser.

What a treat it was to watch this K-9 team work.

The police officer demonstrated how his dog pal and team member worked for an old hand-made toy. No food treats needed to train working dogs because they love to work.

K-9 Team demonstrate for crowd.
K-9 Team demonstrate for crowd.

This German Shepherd dog drew a large crowd, yet never looked at anyone but his human partner. What a great example of teamwork.

Working K-9 Team
What’s our next move? I’m ready.

I feel so much appreciation for this officer and his dog’s work. Real devotion and community support all need to happen to keep teams like this keeping the peace.

You can donate to your local town or cities K-9 program or team. Just let me know where you find them along with a link and I can add them to this post.


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