Why Write for Be the Change for Animals?

Be the Change for Animals

I belong to Blog Paws, an online community of pet bloggers. They host an annual conference. I take delight meeting other pet writers and hearing the various paths people followed to begin and keep blogging for pets.

I often join Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Sydney ready to play
Sydney ready to play

I started Dog Leader Mysteries blog because I wanted to advocate for dog adoption and save dogs from death in animal shelters. That mission led to also writing about animal welfare then adding pet humor. Those two topics bring me new readers and connect me to blogs I want to promote.

I love blogging for Be the Change for Animals.

From physics to biology to environmental sciences, research points to the fact that every human, animal, insect, fish, bird and plant lives connected on our planet. Writing begins with being curious about what I see, hear and sense about what happens. Of course, animals tend to be my main subjects of investigation.

I make efforts to read new research on dog behavior, health, socialization and communication. I also read on animal welfare topics.

Grab this badge, write on any social media and link to #BtC4Animals
Grab this badge, write on any social media and link to #BtC4Animals

If you love animals, you can join Be the Change too. Absolutely free and less hassle than posting to Facebook, promise.

So no fooling, this April on the 15th I will blog for animals.

If you don’t have a blog but would like to help, please share or offer which animal welfare topics you feel strongly about.

Thank you, Deborah Taylor-French

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