Doggone Fun: Snoopy and the Birds

Snoopy statue given to the Kennedy Space Cente...
Snoopy statue given to the Kennedy Space Center on its 50th anniversary by Charles Schultz Creative Consultants (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Deborah Taylor-French

Some people love dogs for their loyalty, others love dogs for their goofy playfulness, many love dogs for their daily need to walk, run, swim or chase a tennis ball.

Each dog I raised expressed individual likes, personality and sneakiness. Of course, I have loved them all for their companionship and unconditional love.

I believe our dogs are born beggars, liars and thieves.

Dogs (maybe humans, too?) love to snitch stuff in the dark when they know others cannot see.

An actual research experiment showed that a majority of dogs would leave food alone after their pet parents’ command, if the lights were left on. These same dogs figured their human could not see them in the dark (this is a fact, dogs do see better than we do in the dark) and so when the lights were switched off these dogs ate the forbidden food.

This comes close to giving dogs thinking powers!

I think I love Snoopy cartoons due to Snoopy’s persistent work to outsmart or figure out Charlie Brown. Snoopy also keeps wondering why birds do what they do, why he cannot trick Charlie Brown into giving him dinner one hour earlier, and how he can, finally, get that Red Baron. Snoopy also loves to have some doggone fun.

How about your dog?

Would your dog cheat and eat in the dark? Even if you told him not too? Please do tell.

Our Sydney would!

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2 thoughts on “Doggone Fun: Snoopy and the Birds

  1. I think my dogs would avoid the treat for a while, whether lights are on or off. They obey commands well but I can’t expect them to leave an enticing treat alone forever. Eventually, they’d forget that I told them no (or pretend to forget).


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