Photo Friday: Drive Like Your Dog Got Out

By Deborah Taylor-French Dog Leader Mysteries

What fun to find this sign-but not funny business when drivers exceed the speed limit on country lanes.

I recommend we make this the golden rule of the road.

Drive like your dog got out.

A good neighbor posted this sign, which stopped us in our tracks. Sydney wanted to get his photograph taken, too.

Like he says, Slow Down!

Sheesh! Some dogs…Sydney has no shame. He says, it’s all about me, me, and more me. He also has the curse of poodle hair.

What’s that, you say?

Poodle and oodle dogs do not have fur. Fur falls out as the dog grows new. But poodles have hair which must be brushed and cut. Sydney hates electric clippers. No escape for Sydney because he needs his spring shave. Already, he is overheating and growing hairy feet. Not to mention the hair growing in his ears-oh my.

Happy Friday!
Too hot for me.








6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Drive Like Your Dog Got Out

  1. What a fantastic sign! I love it! There is just something different and eye-catching about using a dog to get people to slow down. We’ve all seen the kid signs and most people will slow down, but I think because this is unusual it is more likely to get a response. I might have to make one of these.

    BTW – I often wonder what it must be like to have a dog that doesn’t shed like a Lab (little stray strands everywhere) and a Sheltie (clumps). Now I know. 🙂


    1. I should ask them. I think we could all make our own. If you make one, send me a photograph of it with you dogs in the picture. If I make one, I will share it here and offer it to you on your blog, deal?


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