Hazards of Walking Your Dog on Streets

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

“In America, on average, a pedestrian is hit every 8 minutes.” Scary? You bet. “Nearly one-half (48 percent) of all pedestrian fatalities occurred on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… and 70 percent at night….” WalkingInfo.org

Pick up any newspaper and read how many local people were hit by distracted drivers, sent to the hospital or killed as they tried to cross a street.

A Winning Team
A Winning Team

“In 2010, 4,280 pedestrians were killed and an estimated 70,000 were injured in traffic crashes in the United States. On average, a pedestrian was killed every two hours and injured every eight minutes in traffic crashes.”

I read yesterday in my local paper that a 94-year old blind woman suffered injuries from a moving car, while using her white-cane. The elderly woman had stepped into a crosswalk in the early dawn.

The driver said, “I did not see the blind woman because of the angle of morning light.”

Luckily, the blind woman lived.

What to do? How to walk your pet safely?

Dog lovers serve as guardians for their pets. We must provide more safety. We must think ahead of our dogs. No matter how ‘street smart’ your pet is. Your pet will never understand traffic, impaired or distracted drivers.

dog reads his blog
Please go see my video!

Do not stop walking your dog. Dogs and their parents need daily walks.

  • See how Pup Protector’s flashing leash and collar stops traffic. 
  • Make dogs visible at the park, the beach, or anywhere that you and your dog go at night 
  • You will be able to locate your dog at night among a crowd of dogs or in the distance 
  • With different colors, you will be able to differentiate among your dogs if you have 
multiple dogs in your pack.

Grab your power and make walking safer for your dog.

Take power to make streets safer for thousands of dogs and dog walkers like you.

Act today.

Visit Pup Protector.

You will be glad you did.

Buy a leash. Donate. Click to give any amount. PupProtector.

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5 thoughts on “Hazards of Walking Your Dog on Streets

  1. I nearly hit someone walking their dog in the street at night. I didn’t see them until the last moment. People think that because they can see me in my car with my headlights on that I can see them and that just isn’t true. If you see a car on the road at night, wait until they pass before crossing the street. Don’t assume they can see you and will slow down like they would if it were daylight. If I walk my dogs at night, I now use light up dog collars. It wouldn’t hurt for people to use something that lights up too (and not just reflectors because reflectors don’t show up until the car headlights hit them and by then it might be too late for the car to stop).


    1. A very scary experience, which I am sure taught you the importance of defensive nighttime walking and street crossing. I had a similar one. Thanks for jogging my memory because I am going to write it up today.


  2. I haven’t seen PupProtector, but will check it out. Each of my dogs have a little light that attaches to their collars and harnesses. I twist it to turn it on and off. It works well for Daisy, but I find it often gets hidden in my sheltie’s fur – which is why we often don’t walk my street in the winter time. The traffic is way too fast and there are no sidewalks.
    Thanks for the suggestion. BTW? Woul love to walk where you live. What a beautiful picture!


    1. Hi Mel, Yes, I have seen the solar light that can be snapped on collars. To really be visible at dusk and at night, this leash can be flashed! I hope you go visit Pup Protector. I have never been so excited about a dog product. This has a potential to save lives.


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