Blogging for Dogs + How to Use More Brain Power

By Deborah Taylor-French

When I started Dog Leader Mysteries, I had clear ideas on why I wanted to write a blog. For a number of weeks I struggled with my tagline. Yesterday, I picked up a note pad with my outline and felt dumb-struck. The first part of my tagline scrawled in my looping, quickly penciled notes, seemed to look back at me.

 What was written there?

Saving dogs’ lives

My mission has not changed. Saving dogs continues as the guiding purpose in both this blog and my fiction. Then the second half of my mission came after blogging for a few months.

and Dog Lovers’ Sanity

 Happily, I have met hundreds of dog lovers over the past two+ years of writing. I have met them in animal shelters, at fundraisers for homeless pets, at pet stores, in dog parks walking their dogs, on their blogs advocating for pet adoption, on YouTube through their videos and on Facebook.

All of these animal advocates, shelter workers and volunteers share my two-part mission.

They know if they fail to educate the new families who give pets foster care or adopt, those pets end up dumped back in an animal shelter. All pets depend on their caregivers for their lives, food, wellness, and exercise plus their emotional and mental engagement.

Is it dinnertime yet?
Is it dinnertime yet?

I like LinkedIn’s pet professionals and dog lover groups. Members offer mostly positive, helpful information. I also joined groups that share software tips about working with software and widgets for Two weeks ago I discovered the group, Grammar Geeks. They hone in on how to write correct and clearly. This welcoming mix of professionals and hobby writers has fun while sharpening pencils on American English. I find myself laughing. Our English is a mash-up of many languages, therefor puzzling to both native and second language speakers.

One pet blogger received a snippy comment from a person on LinkedIn. “Why are you writing about saving dogs at a time when so many human rights need champions?”

The pet blogger gave a kind and simple response, “I had to start somewhere, and so I started with dogs. I blog for giving dogs more humane treatment.”

Wow! With that one comment, she had me as a fan.

This morning I listened to three minutes on the huge capacity we have to use the unused parts of our brains.

My comment: Writing exercises the brain. Original thinking often surprises a leads writers on adventures, adventures sparked by questions like “What if, you were Superman? What if, you could stop inhumane treatment of people or animals? What if, you had the power to invent a product so amazing that you could not even dream of it, it just appeared in your mind and you wrote it down and began creating it?”

I want to recommend a few dog or pet lover sites I visit. I found Kimberly (Morris) Gauthier, a great dog lover and writer on a LinkedIn dog discussion group. You can find her magazine at  Keep the Tail Wagging, an Online Magazine for Dog Lovers

Top Dog Blogs in 2012

Life With Dogs:

One thought on “Blogging for Dogs + How to Use More Brain Power

  1. Very thoughtful post. My answer to why I help dogs instead of people is because there are so many ills in this world needing to be fixed that I can’t take them all on. We each choose our own battles and we choose the ones where we feel like we can do the most good and are closest to our hearts. By doing this, everyone in society works together to make sure there are no battles left unfought.


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