Smiling at You + LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Women Continue to Lead the World in Dog Training

In a few days, Women’s History Month for 2013 comes to an end. From reading Susan’s Orleans’ book Rin Tin Tin: The Life And The Legend, I learned that dog obedience in America began by women taking three poodles all over the nation.

“Camilla Gray-Nelson received the evening’s top honor when LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH: Dog Training a Woman’s Way, was named Best Book of 2012 by the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA). In addition to receiving the organization’s top writing award, the book was also awarded the Maxwell Medallion for Best Training Book. The awards ceremony which many see as the “Oscars” of the dog world, coincided with activities leading up to the Westminster Dog Show held on February 10th, 2013.” the PRWeb 

Read Literary for details on this award.

The Task of Training Dogs Falls to Women

I agree with the Dog Talk Diva. The women I know feed, care for and must train their family dogs.

Training a Fearful Dog to Be Calm Visiting Veterinarians

When we adopted Sydney, I took him for walks to our Vet’s office. I just walked him around and in, so he could smell the other dogs and cats. Then the office manager gave him a treat. Sydney would not take it the first or second time. But after many visits of simply walking in, getting a treat and being petted by the office staff and Vet, Sydney stopped shaking and shivering from fear. He no longer felt afraid of the clinic, the office staff or the veterinarian.

See Sydney’s doggy smile at the Vet clinic door?

Open the door
Dog smiling at Vet Clinic

Hey, did you know women began and lead the field of dog training?

Have you read LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH: Dog Training a Woman’s Way?

2 thoughts on “Smiling at You + LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH: Photo Friday

  1. I need to take my dog Pierson to the vet more often just to say hi. The last time he went for a checkup, he was so scared that he peed on himself. I have never seen him so terrified before.


    1. Oh, yes. I have taken a friend’s dogs to their Vet when she was on holiday. Both dogs could not move from sheer terror. They never ride in a car unless they are going to the Vet or a kennel.

      Socializing an adopted dog or a puppy to ride in a car, visit Vet clinics, pet stores, groomers, etc. helps dogs accept Vet visits as a normal part of life.

      Our rescue dogs learn we do not abandon them, giving them praise and treats during each visit.


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