Let Sleeping Dogs Alone: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

We who live with dogs know they love to nap. Even as puppies, dogs sleep then sleep more. If you love to nap with your dog or just have a great photo of your dog sleeping, leave me a note. I would love to share your favorite napping dog photograph.

No candy for me, really.
Dog napping after trying on too many Halloween costumes.

“Let sleeping dogs lie” comes from the mouths of real dog lovers. When your dog sleeps, try waking him up. Our Sydney, if we wake him from a nap, just moves to another spot, clearly using body language to say, leave me alone.

5 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Alone: Photo Friday

    1. Great. Do you want to share one or two with me? I need to get more of Sydney, he loves to sleep with his chin on a human elbow or tucked in the crook of my legs when I lie on my side. Guess I’ll need help getting those snaps.


  1. My Lady Bug LOVES her naps. I have all sorts of great photos of her but I’m not sure how to include an image. Her favorite position is on her couch (no human tush has touched it in 10 years) on her back, with three legs pointed straight up and one curled daintily into her chest.


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