High Flying Dog Video

By Deborah Taylor-French

Well, some dogs just never get tired. Herding and working dogs love to run all day, jump, ride off on adventures, but this Australian working dog looks like he can fly.

High Energy Dog Video

If you are a high-energy runner who wants a running buddy, visit this great California dog rescue. Nor Cal Aussie Rescue was featured in Bark magazine. Case Study: Saving AussiesNorCal Aussie Rescue Sanctuary by Marcia Barkley.

Aussie Nor Cal Rescue Sanctuary

Kim Kuenlen, Founder and President, writes that in 2006 her dream came true when she bought a home with six and a half acres between Auburn and Grass Valley, just off Highway 49. Kim dubbed her new home for Aussie Rescue “the Sanctuary.” Kim and supporters raised money to build indoor kennels and fence two play areas, including an agility ring. The public is invited to visit.

Mutt Monday: The Zen of Australian Shepherds

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