Emerging from Rescue Dog to Family Dog

Happy Monday! A sweet dog adoption story, which tells the truth about how dogs grow, old dogs can always adapt to new homes. We need to know this, what dog adopters know. Our dogs will take a page from us. New dog adopters live calm and show limits, play and fun to be rewarded with tons of open joy from their new pets. Check this blog post out. You will be glad you did.

American Dog Blog

This post is appropriate for spring as it is an article about growth. It is a story about the development of a rescue dog into a loved and cherished family dog.

I’ve been in contact with a new friend lately about her new rescue dog. And her story made me think about when I first got Pierson. He was so shy and nervous back then. I assumed I would have a calm and quiet dog on my hands. But then over the course of a few weeks, Pierson came out of his shell. He is a different dog today than he was back then. Here are his experiences and some things you can expect when you rescue a dog.

Shy to Outgoing
Pierson is still shy around strangers, but even that shyness is relatively mild compared to the shyness he expressed when he first came home. After spending time socializing…

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