Why is DeDe So Excited????

Hey, Dog Lovers,
Please visit Rumpydog to see what great animal welfare protections just got passed in which of the USA states. Always happy to hear good news. Believe me this is good news.


Happy Sunday everybody! DeDe here!

We’re pretty excited around here. The Animal Cruelty Bill that Jen lobbied for passed the House unanimously on April 17th and passed the Senate unanimously April 28th. The bill now awaits Governor Scott’s signature.

The bill states that a person who commits acts of animal cruelty is to be charged with each individual act. So if you abuse more than one animal, or if you abuse an animal repeatedly, you will be charged for each act of animal abuse.

The bill also allows for those charged with animal fighting to be charged as engaging in racketeering activity under the FL RICO act. That means property related to the fights can be seized.

It makes my heart happy to know that at least one state is moving forward in the area of animal welfare, when I see my former state of Tennessee poised to allow ag-gag…

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