Hey, Got Another Peppermint?

Hey, Got Another Peppermint?

Yes, Animals Have Memories

Spring green pastures turned California hills lush with bright hues. This white pony remembers we bring treats. This day, the pony insisted that we had more peppermint candies in our pockets. He did not agree that we had given him the last of his sweet treats.

Mr. Ed and the White Pony

His protest? A tossing head, murmurs, nickers and Mr. Ed talking lips!

If you are old enough to remember the television show, Mr. Ed. You know that horses have a sense of humor. They don’t need voice overs to express themselves. Horses lips are agile, expressive and quick. Do not ever hand feed a pony or horse without keeping all your fingers tight together.

Remember horses eyes are on the side of their heads, so their vision is different from ours. They see animals and things in motion. And one of your fingers, looks a lot like a carrot.


from Deborah and friends at Dog Leader Mysteries.

Best news ever! My mom is reading my blog. I guess I should ask her what she would like me to write about?

What do you think, should I ask her?

California poppy
California poppy (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

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