Photo Friday: an American House of Representatives Dogs Can Love

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

 Good Bye to a Bad Law

“Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.” Edmund Burke 

A2 Dog Wait

I love to share every bit of good news.

We know good news for animal rights, farm animals, companion pets or wild animals never comes out of not acting or speaking for humane animal care. Huge numbers of people I know in California (and all over the United States of America) rescue dogs, cats and rabbits encourages me. Our laws remain far behind the times. Like any humane cause, longterm action in the form of speeches, writing and gathering, writing to our government representatives must be ongoing. I do believe the majority of human beings either are compassionate or can become more compassionate in demanding humane treatment of animals. This is the future I work for as I write. I hope you will read and share this post in the same spirit of advancing kindness and peace.

The King Amendment in the US Congress fell flat on its face as 100% of United State Representatives voted no. A good thing for animals as all manner of animal abuse would continue or multiple for farm animals like chickens, pigs and cows and wild horses killed for meat.

“…unprecedented outcome in the history of congressional action on the Farm Bill, the full House rejected the bill advanced to the floor by House leadership.” Wayne Pacelle

The fight for human and animal rights remains long.

“We don’t know what House Republican leaders will do on the Farm Bill, now that the House has rejected it. But we do know, whether it’s on the Farm Bill or in the form of independent legislative proposals, the American people want reform on animal welfare. Hens should not be confined in cages and hardly be able to move.  Walking horses should not be subjected to torture to have them perform better in shows and win prizes. And no American horses should be funneled into the slaughter pipeline for human consumption. Finally, the states should have a right to adopt policies to protect animals and not have their own deliberative processes undercut by the federal government on agriculture policy.” Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States.

Please read the full story on A Humane Nation Wayne Pacelle’s Blog.

  The King (Amendment) Is Dead. Long Live the Animals

Americans Want Laws to Prevent Animal Cruelty

Pet lovers are not alone in working and hoping to protect animals who cannot defend themselves. Yes, I blog about pets and animal welfare, but ask anyone you know who is not benefiting from the suffering of animals, pet or farm, if they want to see animals terrified, running for their lives or living in not enough space to turn around. Commercially farmed chickens and pigs begin and end their lives cramped in less space than an airline economy class seat.

Now for the Dogs Love Part of Photo Friday

Since this topic covers both pet and farm animals, I looked for a pet video with a dog and a pig. Here we go. A tiny piglet jumps on pig hunting dog. The dog plays with piglet, wins and what does the piglet do?


They say, that at the end of the day, the little guy won. The dog needed a long long nap. So his little buddy had to go to his room.

Have you emailed or called your elected representative and thanked him or her? I assure you that written thank you notes have not gone out of style. People remember who bothered to thank them. So thank you if you signed the Humane Society’s petition to defeat The King Amendment.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” 

Edmund Burke Irish orator,  political philosopher, statesman and politician (1729 – 1797)

I love comments. Please share any new or in the works US state laws intended to protect animals. Laws work when we speak up for good ones and vote bad ones down.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: an American House of Representatives Dogs Can Love

    1. Thanks for reading. So many new state laws show that people care about animal welfare, and that is good news for us all.

      Not everyone can rescue, give foster care or money to humane causes, but every vote, letter, email and call counts and adds up to a better future for our pets and farm animals.


    1. Right. Where large amounts of money make laws, we all lose. We have a representatives. Along as we keep asking them for more humane laws and voting them out of office when they do not write and pass them. We can forward and positive change.

      This is why I am a member of Blog Paws and Be the Change for Animals.


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