A Dog’s Take on my Favorite Author Quotes

“Books fall open, you fall in. When you climb out again, you’re a bit larger

than you used to be” ― Gregory Maguire

I love Goodreads. I discovered this quote on Goodreads and invite you to  connect with me there. Share your beloved dog books, favorite mystery short stories and favorite authors, etc. Please say hello or request my friendship on Goodreads. Thanks, Deborah Taylor-French

Dog Walker on the Plaza Mayor, Segovia, Spain

I say, when we look into the faces of dogs we love, we climb in and when we come out, our hearts expand because through the heart of a dog, we see the world and ourselves newly born with each breath. Deborah Taylor-French

When I imagine looking through the eyes of a dog, I see and smell an unlimited, interesting fantastic world. So it is with pleasure I share with you this photograph I took in the Plaza Major of Segovia, Spain this June. I see pure mutual enjoyment in this gray-sunset dog walking pair. I felt no longer limited by my mind or body, but connected in Spirit with this moving pair of friends. Man and dog quietly crossing the cobblestones, moving as one being.

They swiftly trotted by the newsstand, not pausing for anything as the birds cawed. Each caw ended in passionate sloppy kisses in the cloudy heavens. I felt we all belong to everything. Home, our true home lives in the breath and feet of animals, wild and tame.

The shared pleasure of walking together once or twice a day, keeps dogs and people healthy. Walking at a quick pace strengthens the bond between dogs and their human families. Plus walking your dog on a leash reinforces that you remain your dog’s resourceful and protective leader.  In this puzzling world of people, forests of legs and strange loud sounds, your dog will feel relieved that he does not have to understand everything, he can trust you to keep him safe.

Take a walk today with your dog. Go some place you have not walked before. Walk fast with the dog slightly behind you, like this man. Later, you can stop to smell the roses or the “pmail” on building corners.

Plaza Major. Segovia, Spain
Walking his friend, the dog trots swiftly without sniffing or stopping.

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