Mutt Monday: Sports Star and Talking Dog Video

By Deborah Taylor-French Dog Leader Mysteries

This video grabbed my attention, and then the talking dog grabbed my curiosity.

Cheer up this Monday with this heartwarming story. All pets do not have homes, but a homeless mutt loves receiving an invitation to go home with a new family. I love the contrast in characters, the beefy football player and the little white spiky-haired dog.

You never know what your next best friend will look like. The way a dog looks or his breed end up of much less importance than the personality and health of the pet. After adopting five dogs, I report that ALL our adopted  dogs lived joyful, healthy, and long lives. Purebred or mutt never mattered as much as personality, eagerness to please, and loving natures.

The smartest and most trainable dogs, I have ever raised have been one-year or older mutts–REALLY.

Football Star & Homeless Mutt Story Video

I realize it has been a longtime, perhaps six months, since I blogged a Mutt Monday.

Dog adoption, one of my  favorite topics and messages, stays in mind due to several million shelter-less dogs in the USA, dying each year for the lack of a home. The majority of these dogs turn out to have been proven healthy and adoptable. They die for the lack of a family.

A large percentage of US citizens believe pet adoption from animal shelters rates 70% or more on importance. But  only about 20% of USA citizens adopt a pet.  See American Humane Association.

Pet Overpopulation

Our family found homeless purebred dogs, each one-year-old, healthy, happy and great to live with. Each had been returned to their breeder three times. Puppies grow up. One-year-olds can be like our dogs, already with some training and eager to please.

Please adopt, don’t shop for your next pet.

Three ways you can help shelter pets.

  1. Give a click a day to feed shelter pets. No cost to you.
  2. Volunteer to answer phones, help walk or train shelter dogs, etc.
  3. Donate money to shelters. Remember, this is a tax deduction.

I invite you to leave a comment about the age, personality and where you found your adopted dog. I like to publish photographs of readers’ adopted dogs on Dog Leader Mysteries.

Your comment starts the process.

7 thoughts on “Mutt Monday: Sports Star and Talking Dog Video

  1. That spiky white dog is the absolute cutest, those eyes! Thank you for sharing! While we don’t live in America, we totally support dog adoption. Our own mutt Donna we found at the shelter at age 4, personality – active, smart, a little bit snotty at times, but she’s a great dog. 🙂


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