Dog Portraits by Ron Schmidt

Dear Reader,

Please note that WordPress changed the way my blog theme works. My three-years of work adding links to California Dog Rescues has gone from my sidebar. You can find it at the bottom after my posts. At least one reader has found two wonderful dogs from one of the links.

Hope you enjoy this Photo Friday’s visit to The Hydrant Blog. The photographs put a happy face on my day. Hope they do the same for you.

Doggone gone,


Ron Schmidt is the person behind the company Loose Leashes, an online shop where he sells funny prints of our furry friends in wonderfully witty scenarios. Dog person or not, you can’t help but fall in love with these photos. As he told Dogster, “All the images represent the freedom that a dog would have without someone holding its leash. These are the things dogs would do if no one was around and they had absolute freedom.” Though his past experience is in fashion and celebrity photography, Schmidt found his true calling by accident. After branching out on his own to pursue commercial photography, he found his niche when, one day, he decided to design a creative Christmas card for his family, friends and clients. Featuring his yellow lab Indy, the card didn’t just show her pose in a traditional way, he had her carry a tree on…

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