Best Animal Blog Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

What makes a blog great?

A great blog or the best blog offers readers valued and new information. A sense of awakening a reader to something he or she has been looking for. Plus I love a blog that keeps me coming back, asks for my engagement and gives me fresh ideas. Wayne Pacelle: A Human Nation does all those things for me. I hope you will go read it today.

Defining the Best or Greatness

Greatness stands out like a two hundred year old live oak on bleached California grasslands. We know greatness when we see it because the uniqueness stops our wandering gaze. Our restlessness halts as we look or read.

We breathe in greatness. People near us may pull in a long inhale as if lifted on wing to another world. Photography and visual arts prove arresting. We only need to allow ourselves a suspended moment to meet greatness with a natural revery. Our literal word packages go beyond “a breath of fresh air” or “you had to be there.”

You have seeds of greatness inside of you. Tod...
You have seeds of greatness inside of you. Today can be your new beginning. Today could be the start of something amazing. (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)

How Do You Know You Are Reading a Great Blog?

I get a physical sensation when I experience greatness in writing, in photography or paintings or in music. I shiver in lovely moment, as if a strong cooling fan a  to my bones. “Oh, that’s wonderful,” I say. Or I feel the welcome chill of the ocean on a hot summer day.

As a dog person, I love reading dog blogs. I like both empathic dog lover blogs and blogs offering me the latest research on dogs. I also follow my favorite animal welfare blogs.

Take a look at my personal nominee for the greatest animal welfare blog today.

A Humane Nation Wayne Pacelle’s Blog

“Few are in a position to speak for the animals like Wayne Pacelle. As President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, he leads the nation’s largest animal protection organization in the mission of celebrating animals and confronting cruelty.” Pacelle’s writing not only gives current updates on legal battles on behalf of animals, he also celebrates historic wins, shares his recent and personal adoption story such as his, The Beagle Has Landed. Pacelle’s blogging goes straight to my animal loving heart. His position gives him a national vista on animal welfare.

Please read one of his posts, which brought tears to many eyes.

Risk a few tears of joy as you read and watch History is Made for Chimpanzees in Laboraties

The video shows gray-headed chimpanzees walking on grass for the first time. One ape appears amazed, searching the vast sky. These USA research primates had never touched another ape, except through the bars of a cage. Gladness such as this, is worthy of sharing and praise.

Wayne Pacelle - Washington, DC

Wayne Pacelle

What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?

How do you define greatness in blogging?

Please share the name of a great blog you read. Why does it merit the title of the greatest of its kind?


3 thoughts on “Best Animal Blog Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation

  1. I tend to like blogs that are funny or informative. If both, even better! Or that have great pictures. If I can take something from the write and apply or compare it to my day-to-day, that sort of relevance causes me to follow, comment, or ‘like’. Blog reading is a leisure activity for me, so I want it to be light-hearted and relaxed. I spend my days buried in technical and business writing and jargon, so I struggle with be interested in heavy topics or dense text (I parcel out blog reading as something different from novels). I know this is a bit hypocritical since my own blog often reflects that very thing, but that’s my own battle against only writing what I know.


      1. Thanks – and thanks for the recommendation! Some items on that list (numbers 4, 5, and 6 specifically) are frighteningly accurate. I will have to peruse that blog some more.


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