Pet Rabbit Rangles Sheep: Photo Friday

A portrait of Samuel Johnson by Joshua Reynold...
A portrait of Samuel Johnson by Joshua Reynolds showing Johnson pulling a book’s cover back and concentrating intensely on its words. It also, Johnson felt, shows his weak eyes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Deborah Taylor-French

Rabbit Sheep Herding?

Photo Fridays lean toward humorous pet pictures with stories to match, but today take a few minutes and see if this video makes you laugh. I had to watch it twice.

What a brave and smart pet rabbit! He looks like he was born doing this job.

The very idea of how much this little pet rabbit learned from watching the family dog, well, it leans toward the impossible. So as Samuel Johnson said, “Get your can’t out-of-the-way.”

Video of a Cowboy Pet Rabbit

The bunny has been watching the dog herding; now bunny thinks he can herd too.

Marvelous Mutt of the Month

For those of you with lovable and interesting mutts, please enter my “Mutt Marvelous” by leaving a comment with your mutt’s name and a few sentences on why or how your mutt is marvelous.

Amelia cuNote: This is not a beauty contest. This is a place to strut your mutt. I will post each photograph, mutt name and story on this blog.

Watch on October 5th, the Marvelous Mutt of the month (September) will be named, famed and mailed a basket of yummy and fun treats.

Hope your weekend fills with peace, love and many laughs.


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