Rabbit Yoshi Heals Leg and Hearts

By Deborah Taylor-French

We love Yoshi. Her name means “good luck” in Japanese. Yoshi received good luck because our lovely Alex saved Yoshi’s life.

Left unattended in a cage at a construction site, little rabbit Yoshi’s leg bled. No one came to take her home. Alex’s friends took the rabbit, but did not have a home for her. They had to keep her outside near their truck.

Alex holds Yoshi the rabbit she rescued.
Alex holds Yoshi the rabbit she rescued.

When Alex first saw Yoshi, the rabbit’s front left paw was raw-pink-red. A large open wound prevented the rabbit from using her leg. She held her leg up and could not stand the pain of placing weight on it.

Hi, can we play now?
Yoshi Rescued Pet Rabbit

Alex took Yoshi to a veterinarian who suggested amputation. He believed the rabbit’s leg had been broken and would never heal. Alex could not afford surgery. And more than anything she wanted to try to help Yoshi keep her leg. The Vet gave a course of liquid pain control and antibiotics.  He also reduced the fee, knowing Alex did not plan on adopting the rabbit.

Alex treated Yoshi twice a day with antibiotics and pain medication. Alex treated the wound with peroxide everyday for a month.

Yoshi wore a cone head. I worried she couldn’t eat or drink wearing a plastic cone. Yoshi taught herself to scoop up alfalfa pellets into the cone and catch her food as it slid toward her mouth!

After terrible suffering and loneliness, Yoshi healed.

Months of treatment and love from Alex (and a little help from us) this little and young rabbit lives happy and playfully.

Much to our surprise, Yoshi hops quite normally on her once damaged leg. Even her beautiful white fur grew over the massive wound.

Rohnert Park Shelter Bunny helper trims Yoshi's nails.
Rohnert Park Shelter Bunny helper trims Yoshi’s nails.

The miracle bunny happens to love people and is okay with our small dog. Confident, curious and cute, Yoshi will make you happy everyday, as she has made us.

Yoshi got a new nickname, Hop-along.

Yoshi waits in foster care for her forever home.

Please help this little rabbit get a great indoor home. We hope she can go to a house rabbit family where she will use her four feet to jump for joy.

Please help our Yoshi “hopping” for a home. Sonoma County or nearby would be best. Yoshi comes with a comfortable night time pen.

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    1. Thanks. Yes, we all felt overjoyed at her healing powers. Sounds a bit odd, but Alex helped our dog recover from major health crisis.


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