Lick or Treat? Hop on Blog Paws for Laughs

By Deborah Taylor-French

Blog Paws: Wordless Wednesday

Trick or Treat

So many Wednesdays, I miss this fun BlogPaws blog hop. Not today, we are passing the licks around on Dog Leader Mysteries.

Hear me growling at you, Mate?
Now give me all the food.Pirate shirt from The Animal Rescue Site, purchased 2012. Click everyday to feed shelter pets. Explore the site for a few minutes to find their fair trade gift items and pet costumes.No candy for me, really.
Dog napping after trying on to many Halloween costumes.

Until Sydney we never dressed our dogs, I thought dogs in dresses or costumes looked weird. Because Sydney comes from a poodle mix, he has hair, not fur, and must be shaved.

Exhausted from dressing up or from getting shaved?

Poor thing, he suffers at the groomers under clippers and scissors. So after a shave he needs a sweater.  In fall and winter, he must wear something to keep warm.

“Growl—and scowl—often. Pirates don’t use a cultured, elegant, smooth vocalization. They growl, mutter, and scowl, all the better t’ rattle yer timbers an’ chill ye to th’ bone.” wikiHow How to Talk Like a Pirate.

I wonder what he will dress up as this Halloween? A fairy prince with green wings? A penguin? A white fluffy kitten?

Please hop on over to the other Wordless Wednesday blogs and leave a note or a squeak or a paw print.

Hooray for Wordless Wednesday

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Keep on Hopping
Keep on Hopping
English: Candy or trick . Svenska: Bus eller g...
English: Candy or trick . Svenska: Bus eller godis i Sverige. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

11 thoughts on “Lick or Treat? Hop on Blog Paws for Laughs

    1. Thanks for visiting. I went to your Google+ page then to Kelley’s Dog Blog. Great photograph of heroic K-9 team statue, honoring dogs who died in service. Who wrote the post on Spike the pregnant guinea pig, taken home to give birth in foster care?


      1. No problem! Thanks for adding us on G+ 🙂 I’m not sure wrote the guinea pig article, I can’t find it in my search history 🙂 I know that jaxdogmom is the one that took the picture of the statue 🙂


      2. Do you regularly do the Wordless Wednesday blog hop on Blog Paws? I’ve done it only twice. Each time is fun, but how in the world can I visit and comment on nearly 200 pet blogs? Please share any secret methods (or not so secret tips). Thanks.


  1. Avast me matey, that scallywagger eyes familiar. Me recollects sailin da bounding main and swillin’ grog wit him. Q. How much do pirates pay for earrings? A. A buc-an-eer. ARRR!!!


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