Photo Friday: Mutt Marvelous Crocodiles

By Deborah Taylor-French Marvelous Mutt Monday

Crocodile Dogs

A long-legged dog and a short-legged dog both sported great attitudes and costumes at Mutt Strut.

Here's licking at you, Kid.
A perfect pose at Mutt Strut Costume Contest


Tune in next Friday to see the short-legged crocodile doggy. I promise he’s super cute.

Dog Leader Mysteries Blog’s

Marvelous Mutt Contest closes in 2 days!

October 5, 2013.

No costume needed just follow these steps.

Still time to enter your mutt in three easy steps to win yummy treats.

Do You Have a Mutt Full of Personality?

Do you have one?

  1. Please leave a comment with your favorite mutt’s name, plus what makes him or her special.
  2. I will email you requesting a copy of your mutt’s photograph.
  3. Tell me why your mutt should win a basket of healthy goodies from Dog Leader Mysteries?

So far, Pierson’s mom Dawn has officially entered.

Note: You must live in the USA to enter.

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Mutt Marvelous Crocodiles

  1. We call Bailey (or Bai Bai) our All American. We had her DNA tested because we adopted a fluffy little five-week-old chow mix but around five months old she grew long legs, her fluffy puppy fur turned into a sleek and shiny short coat and her floppy ears started to stand up tall! When her DNA results came back she had no primary breeds or secondary breeds or even tertiary breeds present! She did have traces or Rottweiler, Boston Terrier and Belgium Turvean Shepard. She is recovering from a mast cell tumor that was recently removed from her back thigh. She is attentive, athletic and awesome! She will turn nine on November 22nd.


    1. Hi Kasey,

      Thanks for your note. How interesting your All American dog tries out to be. Do you have a photo to enter her in the last day of our Mutt Marvelous Contest? Must live in the USA and enter by midnight to night.

      One thing I know about mutts, most of them are much healthier than purebred dogs due to inbreeding health weaknesses. Hope your Bailey returns to full athletic health.


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