Too Nosy: Wordless Wednesday

Hey, what do you smell. I smell chicken.
Hey, what do you smell. I smell chicken.

By Deborah Taylor-French at

Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday

Going for a Walk

I met these two as they headed out for a walk. Their walker let them sniff me, but only at a safe distance. I wonder what their noses told them about me.

The littlest nose said, “She’s not scary. I don’t smell any fighting on her.”

The bigger nose said, “I like her head, it doesn’t smell like flowers.”

The littlest nose said, “I smell rabbit, a little fat dog and something weird.”

The bigger nose said, “Wow! Check out her pocket on my side, chicken treats. I hope she shares them.”

Keep on Hopping
Keep on Hopping

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7 thoughts on “Too Nosy: Wordless Wednesday

    1. “Do I smell something fishy?” Sydney sends snuffing and friendship licks.

      In Bark Magazine (my fav) someone wrote that it is a good thing dogs can’t speak in our language or they would all stand at the end of our beds saying, “More chicken.”


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