Little Stinker, Pumpkin Pup

By Deborah Taylor-French

When it comes to trick or treat, this guy wants all treats!

Hint, I like pork chops.
Trick or treat from a little stinker.

Be sure your dog has a quiet night and chocolate free Halloween. If you are walking your little children door to door with your dog, please make sure your dog will not eat anything by feeding your dog before you go and taking yummy dog treats along.

Remember a click a day feeds shelter pets…and it is FREE at The Animal Rescue Site.

So give a treat to a shelter pet today, tomorrow and beyond.


3 thoughts on “Little Stinker, Pumpkin Pup

  1. Clicked!
    It’ll be a quiet Halloween at our house with an early dog walk and then I’m out for the evening – but it’s easier on all pets if the doorbell isn’t ringing constantly.


    1. Thanks for feeding a shelter pet. Sounds like you enjoyed a lovely evening.

      In the past, we have covered our doorbell or kept our dog at a friend’s in a quiet neighborhood. Even with a rubber devil mask on top of the door bell, the five groups of kids still rang the bell, making me jump and our dog bark.

      I couldn’t find his muzzle, so I kept rewarding him when he quieted or stopped barking with bits of roast chicken.


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