The Joy of Play: Wordless Wednesday a Blog Hop

By Deborah Taylor-French

Wordless Wednesday

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We all need to play. I believe this could be the main reason I love caring for pets of all kinds. Pets make me play.

Our house rabbit, Tokyo Tuxedo, jumps joyfully from all four legs as if he were springing from a trampoline. Little shivers of joy hit the air at the top of his jumps. He lives alert, listening, sniffing for carrots, apples and greens we chop in the kitchen. When we return from our garden he insists we share whatever we have picked.

IMG 3663

___Sydney, our dog, even at the age of ten loves to play. Any game will do. He will grab a favorite toy and shake it with excitment. Surprisingly, he still loves to go for walks, and play chase inside or on a lawn. I do not think he still jumps as high as this photograph caught him.


___Please play today.

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6 thoughts on “The Joy of Play: Wordless Wednesday a Blog Hop

  1. They’re both so cute!
    I will be sure to play with Moses in the snow today – now that we have snow, he is much more playful than usual. We just need a little melting so I can make snowballs – his favourite.


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