Ketchup and Mustard: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

A Blog Paws pet blogger kindly sent me photographs of her pair of Newfoundlands. These are huge bearlike snow-loving dogs in Canada.

I feel so lucky to be a member of Blog Paws because that’s how I met these dogs and their parent.  Pet bloggers often write about other topics and I am one of them. I write a column called Cotati…Heart & Soul in the Sonoma County Gazette

Whatever I write I want to entertain and inform. 

Mose and Juniper Newfoundland Dogs

Moses and Juniper

Photo credit: Jennifer Kaiser and friends

Moses & Juniper faces

Please visit Jennifer’s blog Back Alley Soapbox to see her Moses enjoying the snow.

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So dear readers, please send your questions, suggestions and topic ideas my way.

I love reading your comments!

6 thoughts on “Ketchup and Mustard: Photo Friday

      1. My dogs, Moses and Alma, are both Newfs. Moses was from a breeder and Alma was from a rescue.
        Juniper is the dog of our friends, and she and Mo have been playmates since she was a puppy. She’s also from a breeder here in Alberta.
        They got Juniper before we adopted Alma, so Alma sadly wasn’t around yet to be … Relish, I guess? Lol
        But all three are furry, adorable, and a bit drooly! (A lot drooly in Mo’s case.)


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