My Dog is Perfect (Not)

Go see this blog today. I like it because Positive Dog Training Blog writes honestly and with a twist of wit, plus her dog photographs ROCK!


I often take Max to work with me and everyone comments on how big, handsome, and well-behaved he is.  I agree he is all that but he is not perfect.  HPIM6006

He is not perfect because:

  • He sometimes barks at people or other dogs when we are walking – even though it is usually because he wants to greet them, it is not polite.
  • He sometimes tries to hump other dogs when he is playing. I don’t have any scientific studies to confirm my theory but I think it is role-play – just like play fighting between dogs.  When dogs play with each other they mimic natural fighting behaviors – open mouth “bitey-face”, chasing one another and sometimes wrestling or barking or growling.  I think these are role-play and that mounting in this context is role-play of another natural behavior necessary for reproduction.  But, that being said, humping is not socially acceptable!

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