Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pup: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

A Little Pumpkin Makes Thanksgiving Merry

Hint, I like pork chops.
Trick or treat from a little stinker.

Pumpkin Is a Wonderful Food for Dogs

One branch of science thinks humans evolved large brains and multiplied quickly was a result of taming fire, cooking fires, which led to us being able to eat a huge variety of foods in all seasons. If dogs, which they certainly did, evolve with us, it stand to reason that they too, ate whatever we ate.

I don’t feed my dog #rawfood.

I’ve tried a variety of foods and continue to gradual rotate his diet. He no longer eats the kibble he ate at the animal shelter. We feed him chicken, venison, buffalo with organic yams or pumpkin, a few fresh sweet peas, carrot or apple pieces.

He’s super healthy, no more skin allergies (except to our lawn, he loves to roll in grass) and no more smelling gas.

Our dog, Sydney, eats #grainfree like us, on a well-cooked diet.

I have lived with digestive problems since birth. I tried fruit juice fasts and a diet of #rawfoods and became extremely ill. I wanted to eat the same diet my boyfriend lived on, raw salads and fruits. After becoming so ill, I could not eat anything and felt so exhausted I had to rest in bed all day (a lifestyle not suited to my love of hiking, dancing and digging in the garden).

A Chinese herbalist helped me get well, on herbal formulas and cooked foods. To this day, I avoid raw, cold and heavy sweets. Soups and roasted vegetables with a small amount of berries keeps me in good #health.

No, I don’t feed my dog raw food, how about you?

Sydney spits out raw pumpkin, he likes it cooked.

Feed a shelter pet for FREE.

A click a day gives a shelter pet a bowl of food…and it is FREE, so take twenty seconds and visit The Animal Rescue Site.

You have the power to feed a shelter pet today, tomorrow and beyond.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pup: Photo Friday

  1. LOL! Sydney is too cute in that pumpkin suit. I haven’t had my dogs try the raw food diet either. As for me and my husband, I generally eat very healthy but tend to get cravings for carbs. (I believe the carbs addiction one of my fibromyalgia symptoms.) In regards to meat, we generally only eat fish, seafood, and chicken raised cage free and free of antibiotics (all cooked). We get our other protein from tofu and beans. We eat a lot of vegetables too and I prefer them cooked. My husband eats a lot of fruit, but I’m not big on fruit. Our grains are mostly whole grain breads and brown brown rice. Maya and Pierson get a decent dog food where chicken or lamb meal is the very first ingredient and there is no cornmeal or other low-nutrition grain fillers.


    1. Such a great and detailed answer, thanks so much. Whole grains are good, if you can find GMO free in the USA.

      I got a fibro diagnosis too. Yet that fact hasn’t solved any of my issues, just keep going, getting to the gym, gardening, walking unpaved paths and the beach, which are so much easier on my feet. Off to garden now. See you tomorrow on the Web.


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