Good Luck, Yoshi: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Good Luck Little Rescue Rabbit

If you have been reading about Yoshi, the little rabbit that delighted our family by not only surviving, but healed a crushed front paw, you know Yoshi needs a home.

We have cared for Yoshi for nearly a year now.

At first, a kindly and generous Vet advised amputation of a front paw to save the rabbit’s life. But Alex wanted to save Yoshi’s paw.

Alex nursed Yoshi with tons of medicine, every four hours for months and gave tender loving care. Alex succeeded. Not only did Yoshi live, the once bleeding, painful and infected front paw healed. Yoshi even grew fur over the wound!

Hey do you have a rose leaf for me?
Hey do you have a rose leaf for me?

Yoshi means Good Luck in Japanese.

We all came to love this cute lucky rabbit. Our friend Marc gave her more foster care and played with Yoshi. He took her photograph while she was getting her nails trimmed for the first time.

It feels warm in here.
Rohnert Park Shelter Bunny helper trims Yoshi’s nails.

Please adopt fun, playful Yoshi.

So once again, if you know any family who can adopt Yoshi, please contact Sonoma County Animal Care and Control. Here’s a link to her page. Not a very good photograph on the Pet Harbor adoption page, so I am sharing the same good ones we have of her. Ask for animal A299071.

Yes, she has red eyes, all the better to see love with.

Thanks for sharing our Good Luck Yoshi and helping her get a FUR-EVER home.

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