New Tune Tuesday: Song for Shelter Dogs

By Deborah Taylor-French

A Song for Homeless Dogs

Two days ago, I sang to our pet rabbit, Tokyo Tuxedo, “How much is that bunny in the window? The one with the waggly ears.”

The original refrain begins, “How much is that doggie in the window?”

This Tuesday morning, I stumbled on a video by the original singer. Patti Page. I see she changed her tune because Patti Page learned that most pet shop puppies come from puppy mills.

And from thousands to millions of these purebred puppies end up homeless in our USA animal shelters. All across our nation, sadly, this happens each day. A puppy litter is born, they are sold, while the breeder dogs remain trapped in cages, usually filthy.


Patti Page sings a new song for shelter pets.

The little dog at her feet looks so much like our Sydney. Sydney is a poodle mix that was left in an animal shelter in the winter.

Sawyer von sontra

Please adopt, don’t shop for your next dog.

Cosmo face


Thank you for reading and sharing.

Please visit the Animal Rescue Site Campaign to end puppy mills.


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