We Are Hungry: Be the Change for Animals

By Deborah Taylor-French

Walking by a local fundraiser for the Sonoma County Food Bank, I heard a person at the table say, “People are giving less this year, but more people are giving.” So what many food banks need are more givers.

Hungry People

With new funding cuts from the rich congress, food banks face a cut of 50% while the need for groceries grows. The working poor, the grandmothers living on fixed incomes from savings and small Social Security checks, (Please remember, all who worked paid into this safety net.) and the children living in poverty go hungry.

Have you ever gone to bed hungry? Have you been homeless? I have had both experiences, luckily I got a job as a motel maid, which provided my husband and me a cabin to live in. At that time, he was serving in the US Navy, so we could not move to an area with more plentiful and affordable rentals.

Join us. Help animals.
Blog the Change for Animals

Each morning I wake, I think and feel gratitude for all the love and kindness showing up in my life.

Some would say that I pray, others would say I contemplate or meditate. In Ernest Holmes philosophy, I unify my mind with the One Life, all giving, all good and generous. I ask this One Life to guide and send me to do what is mine to do for others.

No matter what your faith or religious affiliation, the message of love or charity shines to all.

Give and do what you can. For many an animal, a child or a grandmother will go hungry today.

Hungry people and their pets

Please feed us.
Street guitarist and his beloved dog.

I took this photograph in Italy. This street musician does not look hungry, neither does his dog. Yet I gave him money because he gave so much, simply playing and singing. When he had finished his song, he put down his guitar and lifted up his dog. He spoke to her so tenderly, rubbed her fur and hugged her. In his pet, he held happiness and love.

Please give to your local food bank and help feed shelter pets.

Free to Feed Shelter Pets

Please visit my post and click each day on The Animal Rescue Site. It’s free, and  each click gives one bowl of food to a hungry shelter animal.

2 thoughts on “We Are Hungry: Be the Change for Animals

  1. Great photo! Many struggling economically will feed their pets before themselves, which is a sad decision to make but also a real display of human nature and our bond with pets.
    I have waned in my clicking donations lately – thank you for the reminder.


    1. Thanks for liking this post and your thoughtful comment. Yes, people will feed their pets first.

      I’ve a friend who buys cans of chili with meat for people and their dogs living on the streets. Neat idea, feed them both.


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