USA Today Dogs Sniff Arson Sites: Photo Friday

“As you might expect, then, the physiology of a dog’s smeller is much larger and more complex than ours. Dogs have 20 times more scent receptor cells than humans, and the scent-processing section of their brains is larger than ours.” By Matthew Alice Dogs can smell better than people, but exactly how much better? The San Diego Reader

 How much does a dog’s nose know?

By Deborah Taylor-French

Well, it turns out it depends on the dog. Plus a dog’s scent tracking can vary due to the weather changes, and whether the dog received training in nose work. Many mixed breeds and some purebreds tend to be far better at nose work and crime detection. Golden Retrievers and Blood Hounds seem to like sniffing out traces of all sorts of stuff.

This dog's nose knows where his person went.
This dog’s nose knows where his person went.

Go visit USA Today to view a great video on detective dogs used in arson investigation.

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USA Today Firefighting Dogs

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