BtC4A: Local Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Such a fascinating, thoughtful and detailed piece of writing with great photographs of wildlife, and a healthy reminder that we humans keep moving in on homelands of wild creatures, all over the globe. Please read Back Alley Soapbox. I love this blog. Not only is this a Blog Paws member, but this post is another four times a year, “Be the Change for Animals” advocate’s voice, which I hope my readers will not only enjoy, but share too.

Thanks, Deborah

Join us. Help animals.
Blog the Change for Animals

Back Alley Soapbox

It’s that time again!

The first Blog the Change for Animals for 2014 is here, and you can visit the BTC website and read the other posts by other bloggers by clicking here.


All of my previous Blog the Change posts have been about companion animal rescue efforts or campaigns, which makes a lot of sense for a dog blogger. And, of course, these are always extremely worthy recipients of donations, awareness, and volunteer efforts.

For this instalment, however, I’d like to change the focus.

Say your cat gets a hold of a bird in the yard. Say your dog goes after a porcupine or rabbit or skunk at the off-leash park. What if, after investigating a loud thud against the window, you find a dazed bird? What happens if a fawn is orphaned by poachers or some young goslings are orphaned by traffic? What if a family of…

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