Keep Your Dog Healthy: Photo Friday

Can You Prevent Veterinarian Expenses?

Daily walks, grooming, brushing pets’ teeth and not over feeding your dog can help prevent emergency Vet visits. I know. I have raised five dogs. All stayed healthy into old age for their sizes. Of course, we took every dog to annual wellness visits and kept up each dog’s annual vaccinations.

Wow. Here is a pet health professional giving the same tips!

Hey, what do you smell. I smell chicken.
Hey, what do you smell. I smell chicken.

“From washing your pet once in a while to brushing its hair/fur/teeth to keep them from getting matted and unclean, there’s a lot an owner can do to keep a pet healthy, happy, and yes, fairly cheap to care for. One preventive measure that’s abandoned all too often: a leash. Use one.”

“I’d say 60 percent to 70 percent of emergency room visits could have been prevented if owners used leashes more often,” says Halligan. “I used to work in emergency, so I’ve seen it all.” Tips on Managing Pet Expenses

Wow, 60% to 70% of all emergency pet visits would not happen if pet parents used leashes?

Can Dogs Get Colds?

I found a neat short answer on What a great resource for pet parents. Their tagline is “Pet Parenting. Simplified.” A promising resource for dog health I found on the Pet360 community.

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One Happy Pair

Please share tips you use to keep your dog health.

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8 thoughts on “Keep Your Dog Healthy: Photo Friday

  1. Wow, 60-70%! My vet has told me a few times that about 50% of the dogs he sees are either overweight or have bad teeth. So when he looks at Maya and Pierson, he is always impressed because they both are fit and both have good teeth. Pierson had gained a few pounds since his last visit, but was not considered overweight. Pierson also eats poop so I’m very glad I’ve been able to keep his teeth clean enough that the vet was still able to give his teeth a thumbs up.


    1. Hi Dawn, yes that is a high number of preventable pet injuries or health problems.

      Good for you that you brush your dogs’ teeth. We try and do some of it.

      Next week, I am working with a group to enjoy a Google+ hangout on pet health tips. Do you want to join? If so find me there and post to my wall.



  2. Yes a leash! I see a lot of people who don’t have their dog on a leash. Not only is it against the law but there are people who walk, bike, run or jog that are scared of dogs -I was one- so it helps keep the dog under control because dogs can sense fear and keeps the person safe. Also keeps the dogs from getting hit.


    1. Thanks for adding this. A leash is a dog’s lifeline in a human world. We also have a leash law in our town and in many nearby cities.

      I just heard news from my niece that her rabbit was hit by a car. What’s a pet rabbit doing on the streets?

      I also worry about all the cats the neighbors let lose. I have had the heartbreaking experience of running over my first cat. Never again will I have an outdoor pet.


  3. I have really appreciated finding a vet who, just like my favorite doctors, helps me to understand test results and why she recommends certain treatment options. As Foxy will be 13 this year, I want to address his medical issues in a way that is reasonable, allows him the best quality of life for the longest time, and doesn’t break the bank. Have you heard of “Composure?” It’s an herbal chew that helps anxious dogs be more calm. Foxy has always been somewhat anxious and his age is making him more so. This little chew makes a big difference!


    1. Hello. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I’ve finally found a Vet, whom my dog trusts and we like his candor. For my older dogs I gave them Glucosamine & Chondroitin ground up in yummy treats. That really helped them keep walking.

      No, I had not heard of a chew that helps keep dogs calm. Thanks for the great tip.


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