Chilling in the Kitchen: Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Get Cooking

Get cooking by joining the fun, meet other pet bloggers, go see their blogs, leave comments and make new friends. So easy, just visit this link for Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday. You will find cute pets, interesting writers and a ton of pet lovers.

Plus Blog Paws just declared March a month for education for our kind of pet crazy bloggers.

Written by Deborah Taylor-French at Dog Leader Mysteries.

Okay, Mom. Stop fooling around.
Little white dog gets muzzle training.

Sydney has barking fits. Well, he gets super nuts when anyone he knows, or doesn’t know knocks on our door. When we are chilling in the house, he can be mellow. Although he has exceptional hearing and alerts me with a bark or two, he is not a problem barker…unless he greets someone or rides in a car.

Muzzle train when your dog is calm.

Coming home started being painful on our ears. Friends would not come over because of his shouting fits. Believe me, we tried everything, even keeping him on a leash and feeding him treats when he would quiet, did not solve the problem.

Muzzling is a short-term solution. Yet properly used, muzzling can help an anxious dog learn when not to bark.

Want your puppy or dog to stop biting?

Sydney came to us biting everyone, especially Vets and groomers. No more. Muzzle training helped our little white poodle and Cocker Spaniel stop his fearful and puppy like behavior.

Having Fun Is My Job

Having Fun Is My Job

___Go see.

“March is officially “Pet Blogger Education Month” here at BlogPaws. We are spotlighting the above photo today, of these two cutie pies waiting for a snack in the kitchen of Mama Paws. Want your pet featured here weekly? Keep reading and see below!”


6 thoughts on “Chilling in the Kitchen: Wordless Wednesday

  1. Hi Deborah! I work closely with Dr. Eloise Bright from Eloise actually was the one who sent me your article on Thundershirts. I have a basset hound who often gets terrified of loud noises. He’s my little rescue dog : ) Anyways, Eloise and I have been working very hard to put together a blog article that believe your readers may be interested in. Would you be interested in working together? I believe we are all pushing for the same cause. Anything we can do to get more word out about proper care for animals, we try to do. Thank you Deborah!


    1. Hi Anna, thanks for commenting and following my blog. I would be delighted to hear what Eloise has in mind. Do you think this would be a guest post? I would love a direct email for Eloise (I will not share it.).

      I never post anything related to selling pets, only to rescue, adoption and the ethics of responsible pet parenting.

      Did using a Thundershirt help your hound?


      1. Hi there!

        Yes, my little Norman is so much better now with the Thundershirt : )

        And of course, we not post anything related to selling pets. We are simply looking to promote the well-being and care of our pets : )


      2. I’m pleased that the Thundershirt helped. We are thinking of trying one again on Sydney. Just about everything we try to calm makes him weird. I should write a post listing his reactions. He insists on licking one knee until it’s pink. Sydney will slink off under the sofa to do this, so we guess it’s a form of self soothing like gum chewing is for people.

        Good to know that your goal if to help pet lovers keep their pets healthy. I agree. This is a need for new pet parents and for those who find themselves rescuing and providing foster-care.


      3. Aw poor Sydney! They’s terrible about his knee : ( Norman used to do that whenever I would leave the house in the beginning. And yes, please feel free to reach out to me so I can connect you and Eloise. Thank you!


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