Species friendships: Photo Friday

Our rabbit meets our dog

This sweet and surprising moment happen because Alex wanted to take a photograph of our rabbit and dog together. Sydney, our dog, patiently waits in “Down, stay” while Paris makes sure the dog did not move.

In this relationship, Sydney learned two things. That Alex kept him safe and calm and that both Alex then our pet rabbit were both able to tell him what to do. Our rabbit’s natural confidence showed Sydney that he would not be chased nor made to move out-of-the-way. Paris pivoted around each time our dog got nosy. In each face to face movement, our rabbit would puff himself up and make sure he was taller than our dog.

Sydney and Paris
Sydney and Paris

 Interspecies friendships

Interspecies friendships usually need calm individual pets.

Plus human pet parents need to show calm leadership. This type of home can set up safety for each pet. Of course, all visits require patient leadership.  So if you want your pets to get along, be calm and provide a safe and quiet place for them to meet each other.

Do you have any interspecies pet friendships in your family? Please tell us about them and send in photographs.


Deborah Taylor-French

6 thoughts on “Species friendships: Photo Friday

    1. I’ll never know how she got them to sit together, slowly we were showing our newly adopted Sydney that dog’s do not chase rabbits. He had lived with a cat, and our rabbit,

      Paris, a male rescue, would whirl around and hold still facing the dog, as if to say, “Oh, no you don’t. That’s my butt. And I am not a dog.”


    1. Thanks. Neither pet knew when we adopted them they would be brothers. Paris, our rabbit, came home first then about three or four years later, we found Sydney.

      Paris has departed after 12 wonderful years, Sydney is thickening around his middle. But he’s just a much fun as his one-year-old self.


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