No Bunnies for Easter: Photo Friday

Our family loves bunnies.

Paris took no nonscense from our dog.

Luckily our Rohnert Park Animal Shelter has volunteer bunny lovers. They give free nail trimmings and bunny dates once a month. With impressive knowledge and experience, these rabbit volunteers answer our questions on the science and care of rabbits. They also sell Timothy Hay at low-cost and other rabbit supplies. These sales fund their programs.

We adopted two of our three rabbits from Rohnert Park Animal Shelter.

Our girl  ParisOur third rabbit came to us after escaping a backyard. She had been caught by a friend.

Alex named her London because our first rabbit came with the name, Paris. London did not live more than a few years. After slow and careful bunny dates, she made Paris happy. Which astonished us. Although she was half Paris’s size, London  bossed him and seemed to display a grumpy personality. But soon, they were chinning and snuggling. We lost them both a long time ago. Paris lived to the great age of 12.

Bunnies are not for Easter.

When we went looking for another rabbit, we found every rabbit cage in the shelter full. We visited in the playroom with different bunnies. But none seemed that interested in making friends. All thirty bunnies were cast-off pets. A very sad and ongoing problem of pet welfare. Too many rabbits, not enough long-term house rabbit parents.

We let our rabbit pick us

Then months later, with a shelter still full of rescued rabbits, a black and white rabbit named Tuxedo showed little fear and sniffed us, jumped on my tummy (we were lying on the floor). So Tuxedo picked us.

Crop Tux ears up corner

Our free ranging house rabbit, Tokyo Tuxedo

What's up there?
Happy Sniffing

If you truly want a pet rabbit, PLEASE ADOPT –don’t shop  from an animal shelter or Pet Finder.

Rabbits have special needs as exotic pets.

Please share this on WordPress, Facebook or your blog for the love of rabbits and their welfare.

Thank you, Deborah Taylor-French

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