Cheap Healthy Dog Treats: Wordless Wednesday – Redo

By Deborah Taylor-French

When it comes to trick or treat, this dog wants all treats.

Hint, I like pork chops.
Trick or treat from a little stinker.

 Some dogs will eat anything.

Our guy Sydney LOVES to eat! But what he loves changes, two healthy additions to his diet have been pumpkin and yams (in small quantities).

Do not overdo carrots, yams and pumpkin.

Dogs get diabetes like we do. So go easy on sweet foods, do not feed sugary foods, refined white bread or other simple carbohydrates. With one exception, I feed white rice when one of my dogs becomes ill. Simple and easy to digest, cooked white rice and a little cottage cheese for protein help my dogs back to health.

Healthy cooked foods for dogs

  • pumpkin
  • yam
  • carrots

Healthy raw foods for dogs

  • fresh snap peas
  • celery
  • apple in small pieces

Some dogs are fussy or picky eaters

Try small amounts and wait a few days to make sure your dog digests any new “healthy treats” because some dogs, older ones for instance, take a while to adjust to any new food, no matter how healthy.

What healthy treats does your dog like to eat?


Remember a click a day gives a bowl of food to shelter pets…and it is FREE at The Animal Rescue Site.

Thanks for reading and caring about dogs.



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8 thoughts on “Cheap Healthy Dog Treats: Wordless Wednesday – Redo

    1. It’s a recipe from several long time dog families. It worked for Italy all my dogs. I go lighter on the cottage cheese for my poodle because of his allergies. But our keshonds needed the protein to grow strong after a stomach or dietary issue.

      Never Mind that they ate like dogs, as fast and as hungry as puppies. Plus they seemed to fear they would not see food in weeks. Perhaps that last one grips us all at one time or another, but the pair of the went nuts…every morning and evening when I held their food dishes, asking them to sit & wait😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing about what your dogs love as a healthy treat.

      Wow, do you have big dogs? Our dog weighs 13lbs. so we have to make it less than 5 tiny bites.

      Every once in a while, Sydney gets a corncob to chew. But we never let him eat it, he just chews then runs with it until we trade it for something even more yummy.


      1. Oh, I looked up your blog. Such a cute pack of big and little dogs.

        Fluffy Tufts, I followed u on Twitter (please follow back) and posted a link on my Google+ to your “Meet the Gang” page.

        I will look up your YouTube videos. Thanks for connecting on Dog Leader Mysteries.


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