5-year-old author-book reviewer asks “Kickstart my second book”

 Do we have another Mozart?

What did Mozart have that others did not? Mozart had a father who played, composed and taught music. They both loved music and showed talent to play instruments and compose. But they also had staying power. The enthusiasm to work every day and improve even on great talent. Plus they had patience to practice, practice, practice.

Five-year-old Michael writes + reviews books!

In the literary world, this looks like the real deal.

Michael has his mother Lisa, who writes, authors and teaches students about books and story making. Michael and Lisa talk to students in classrooms via Skype. Michael reads books and reviews them in YouTube videos. Lisa also reads him dog books above his reading level, which he reviews. Michael and Lisa have written a picture book together. Now on their second book they need your help.

Lisa and Michael have offered to review one of my Dog Leader Mystery stories!

Sydney loves to bark about dog books too.

Hey, go see Michael's Kickstarter page!
Sydney ready to play

 Please watch Michael and Lisa’s Kick-starter video.

Please give toward their goal of $4,ooo.

Plus share on your blog and social media because together

we can make their dream come true, illustrating their second picture book.  

For each re-blog of this post I will give an additional $5.00 to their Kick-starter project.

Please act now. Young readers are waiting for this book.

Watch this video to learn about Michael and Lisa’s first book.

Michaels video book reviews are growing. growing, growing.

Thanks for reading Dog Leader Mysteries by Deborah Taylor-French.

5 thoughts on “5-year-old author-book reviewer asks “Kickstart my second book”

  1. Very impressive young man 🙂 I’m very happy to see them working towards this goal. Being able to read constructively is an important skill in life that not many people have.


    1. Hey, thanks Robin for the reblog!

      Let me know if there is anything I can reblog for you.

      I appreciate all you do for Redwood Writers Club, and for me as a writing friend. Now I owe another $5 to Michael and Lisa’s #Kickstarter project!

      Their project will put new picture books in classrooms.


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