Zen Dog: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Now and then I get a yen for zen. A moment in a kayak on Spring Lake or the sight of a shy dog’s face can bring joy.

Marc sold Zen Dogs at his market near the beach. When customers would ask, “What’s a Zen Dog?”

“A Zen Dog is a hot dog that’s one with everything.”

 ZEN DOGS: One with Everything

Marc with Sydney on Doran Beach
Marc with Sydney on Doran Beach

Dogs Know Zen

I think so. Watch a dog or dogs freeze when they are not sure they feel safe. After all, dogs do not need to meditate. They can smell a rat from miles away. I forget that dogs smell thousands of things I cannot. I might try to override what a dog knows from the way things smell.

A dog up one mile high over a city (how did they do this research, in a helicopter?) can pick out the scent of one person’s sweatshirt from all the “nosy smells” competing from streets around. Dogs smell thousands of things more than we can see. We might make a huge mistake, if we do not listen to the body language of our dogs.

Of course, dogs that suffer mistreated tend to show fear more than other dogs. We can learn from each dog we live with, adopt or raise.

I met Baxter, who seemed a bit shy when his person introduced us. When I knelt and let Baxter come and sniff my hand, he gave me a lick and a smile.

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Blackwhite dog face copy

Happy Zen Friday

Smiling Baxter after we had met.

“A good laugh is sunshine in the house.” — William Makepeace Thackeray

Baxter before he smelled my hand.

1 Baxter shy blackwhite dog copy