Daffy dogs do crazy stuff video

Guilty as charged (a Saturday slob)

Cleaning up after a trip to Portland, Oregon my house looks like a bunch of teenagers dropped all their stuff on my tables. Yes, on Saturday (if left alone) I am a slob.

“A person regarded as slovenly, crude, or obnoxious. [Irish Gaelic slabmud, from Old Irish, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Swedish dialectalslabbmud.]” The Free Dictionary

No problem, a voice in my mind says. “Just write something and all that clutter goes away.” Another voice, the one who won this morning, says just watch funny dog videos all morning.

A lovely dog loving, blog writing friend sent me the photograph of her daffy dogs dressed as “Ketchup” and “Mustard.” I have not a clue how she got them to wear those cute squeeze bottle hats.

Ketchup & Mustard dogs copy

Daffy dogs video

This dog video made me laugh.

Have a daffy Saturday.

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It’s fun, free and takes 5 seconds.

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                                                                 Deborah Taylor-French






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