Join Reset the Net and the Anti-NSA Protest

One of the most important issues of our time

Will you stand for freedom and stop government spying?

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  • Why should any government spy on citizens all over the earth?
  • What do these governments have to hide?
Arms full of drowsy puppies a man falls asleep in the sun.
Arms full of drowsy puppies a man falls asleep in the sun.

Join the Internet Defense League

Legal defense of freedom evaporates when we will no longer have right to guard our own thoughts, actions and speech. Each year millions of innocent pets are killed in animal shelters because they have no home. A society that kills innocent animals is an inhumane society.

Do not let the NSA or another government nor private agency grab our power of free speech, the right to protest and the right to gather against unchecked power.

Rescue me, please.
Rescue me, please.

As information equals power, do we truly want an all-powerful NSA reading our emails, using selfies as mug shots, grabbing every activity we share on the World Wide Web? When will all this data be used against innocent people? Or has this already happened and citizens are kept in the dark of the misuse of this gathered and stored data?

We all lose when citizens lose their privacy and civil rights.

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2 thoughts on “Join Reset the Net and the Anti-NSA Protest

  1. I’ve nominated YOU for a Liebster Award! Please see my site for the details. I really do enjoy reading your blog posts and always look forward to seeing what you have to say — and I think that makes you worthy of this blogging award!


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